St. Patrick's Day - St. Patrick's Day Tinker Bell 2012 - DLP

TG-ID: 14103
Pin St. Patrick's Day Tinker Bell 2012
Set St. Patrick's Day
Origin Disneyland Resort Paris (DLP)
Edition Limited Edition 600
Release Date 2012-03-16
Original Price €14.99
Pin Trading DB: 8180
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This St. Patrick's day pin has a shamrock on the front with the text "Happy St. Patrick's Day 2012".The 0 in 2012 has a sorcerer hat on it. The pin is hinged.On the inside is a picture of Tinker Bell dressed as a Leprechaun sitting on a pot of gold.There are alternating green lines,shamrocks and gold curls behind her.The shamrocks and gold curls are silk screened.
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