St. Patrick's Day 2018 - Jessica Rabbit - MLT

TG-ID: 14319
Pin Jessica Rabbit
Set St. Patrick's Day 2018
Origin Multiple
Edition Limited Edition 4000
Release Date 2018-03-08
Original Price $14.99
Pin Trading DB: 26584
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DLR/WDW - St. Patrick's Day 2018 - Jessica Rabbit

This limited edition commemorates St. Patrick's Day 2018. It features Jessica Rabbit holding a glittery green derby hat in one hand with a glittery green bouquet of clovers is centered below her. She is above a pile of gold coins and a yellow banner saying St. Patrick's Day 2018. Jessica is a pin on pin behind her is a translucent light green shamrock with shamrock's embellished in it.

NOTE: This pin was also included in a limited edition 50 art print of Jessica Rabbit (same design) released by Disney.It is unknown whether those pins are part of the LE4000 edition size.
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