Sweet Grams Set - Ducky & Bunny - DS

TG-ID: 29623
Pin Ducky & Bunny
Set Sweet Grams Set
Origin DisneyStore.com (DS)
Edition Limited Edition 400
Release Date 2020-02-23
Original Price $0.00 / GWP
Pin Trading DB: 31340
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DSSH - Sweet Grams Set #2 - Ducky & Bunny

This limited edition pin is from Disney Studio Store Hollywood's "The Loveliest Pin Trading Event," held on February 23, 2020.

This pin features Ducky and Bunny from PIXAR's "Toy Story 4."They are sitting on top of a white envelope with a purple top (flap). A pink heart adorns the back of the envelope, closing the envelope, and has the phrase "BFF" on it.

Features: Hard Enamel, Pin-on-Pin
Dimensions: 1.98" x 2"
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